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BFP Summary of Activities 2011


We sponsored and co-sponsored more than twenty seven educational and cultural events in Brooklyn on the subjects of Latin America, the Mavi Marmara massacre, nuclear power, the Arab Spring, films with discussion on the subjects of revolt in Cairo, history of the 1982 anti-nuclear peace march, terrorism.


  • Rallies were sponsored or co-sponsored concerning many issues; among them the use of drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya (both at an upstate Air Force base and at the European Union office),
  • and a large rally to mark the tenth anniversary of the Afghanistan war.
  • Vigils emphasized the need for effective implementation of international law in Sudan.

Anti-militarism (counter-recruitment)

Our counter-recruitment program continued to distribute packets of literature describing career opportunities which are alternatives to military service, as well as information on “opting out” of release of personal information to military recruiters, to high school students, to parents at parent teacher nights, and at career fairs. Our leftlets.

  • Spoke to individual high school classes.
  • Literature was made available at eleven street festivals, at farmer’s markets, and at rallies, all concerning the misallocation of money now spent on military rather than on domestic programs.
  • We participated again as “Mermaids for Peace” for the annual Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn where we distributed peace cards and beads.
  • Co-sponsored a rally at an upstate Airforce base, to protest treatment of Bradley Manning,

Art & Culture

Committee was formed!

Brooklyn For Peace's new Arts & Culture group held its first event "Pieces of Peace" on December 6th, 2011. Held at Brooklyn College's BC Student Center, the event brought together people in the peace and justice community in Brooklyn with students at Brooklyn College for an evening of music, theater, poetry and storytelling.

Climate Action

Sponsored/co-sponsored the dangers of the tar sands pipeline and hydrofracking.


Monthly vigils at the U.S. Mission to the U.N., in conjunction with NYC Coalition for Darfur: call for effective action by the U.S. to end the mass killings and genocide in Darfur; to urge U.S. to give support pledged to UNAMID, and to raise awareness of conditions in the refugee camps for internally displaced persons in Darfur.

  • We encouraged people to attend vigils, protests, and rallies: against the ongoing genocide in in Darfur’ against all war:


  • We sponsored two conferences, one on journalism’s role in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and one on the role of dialogue in listening across differences.
  • Sponsored women in the Israel Palestine conflict
  • Literature campaigns focused on creating a Mayor’s City of Peace and ending military aid to Israel which supports the illegal Occupation.
  • Participants sang protest songs at a store that sells Israeli goods from the Palestinian Occupied Territories and at another store whose management supports ongoing Israeli construction in illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories.
  • IP committee holds a monthly book discussion

Latin America

Three films on Latin America were shown, with discussions following (“South of the Border”; "Inside the Revolution: a Journey to the Heart of Venezuela"; and “What I’ve Learned about US Foreign Policy.”)

Nuclear Zero


  • A “Nuclear Zero” Town meeting launched the NYC Mayor’s for Peace Campaign.

Peace Fair

Our Peace Fair at Brooklyn College was held in May. The theme as "Cut the Military Budget--We Need New Priorities!"

Keynote speaker was Juan Gonzalez, Daily News Columnist, Co-host "Democracy Now" speaking on “How Militarism and the War Economy Affects You.”

  • Workshops and discussions offered offering information on Haiti, Latin America, Budget Cuts and Their Effects, Nuclear Power and Weapons, Returning Veterans, Islamaphobia, War and the Environment, Nonviolence, Conflict Resolution, and Organizing, as well as presentations on yoga, poetry and Zen meditation.
  • Exhibits showcased work of international artists and students reflecting on the war in Afghanistan, drawings by children in Gaza, and posters by students highlighting peace and nuclear issues.
  • Activities for children provided resources for them to make their own dolls, buttons, origami cranes and peace posters.
  • Thirty three groups had informational tables. Various musicians performed throughout the Fair.
  • An estimated 500 persons attended throughout the day, while over 100 volunteers took part. A Peace Parade to nearby military recruiting station, led by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, concluded the event.


Our Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign resulted in a $950 donation that went directly to UNICEF, while the campaign raising awareness of UNICEF in five local schools resulted in an addition $3600.

Two events raised money for groups in Haiti & in Honduras, and we donated $1054 directly to groups supporting veterans, working on the Israel Palestine issue, and a United for Peace and Justice (a national coalition of which Brooklyn For Peace is a constituent.

Community-Building and Outreach

  • An Open Community Meeting focused discussion on U.S. intervention in Libya.
  • We hosted an evening of peace-related theatre, poetry and dance, and a college student mixer describing our work, both at Brooklyn College; and a concert of “songs of social significance.”
  • We developed a “penny poll” to use at our street tables and events, as a means of engaging passersby asking them to choose how their tax dollars would be spent.
  • We sell buttons, t shirts and posters that have messages of peace. We continue to sell olive oil to raise awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and support the developing Palestinian economy.

Media Outreach

  • We continued our monthly half hour program “War No More” on Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT) TV featuring highlights from our forums, making them available to community members, especially senior citizens, who are not able to attend. These programs are also available on DVD.
  • Our website was re-designed this year, to make it more user-friendly and to facilitate timely posting of events and information by the active committees.
  • Our weekly e-mail newsletter reaches approximately 4000 people. It announces our events provides “Action Alerts” with opportunities for action, and also announced events and rallies sponsored by other groups whose missions reflect our concerns.

Film Screening

Film-screenings included topics such as describing the horrors of war and its effects on the soldiers, the building of a naval base in South Korea.

Intern and Volunteer Opportunities

We provided opportunities for young people to engage in a concrete and practical way with our peace and justice work by offering opportunities for volunteers (particularly high school students with community service requirements, as well as energetic retirees) and interns (who receive a modest stipend).

Get Involved!

Our working committees meet regularly to plan and carry out our work. Visit the events page for the latest schedule.

E-mail Newsletter: Join our mailing list to say up-to-date on anti-war activities in Brooklyn.

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