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BFP Summary of Activities 2012


We sponsored and co-sponsored over twenty educational and cultural events in 2012.

  • a poetry event on subjects of peace,
  • two forums concerning drones,
  • an event describing the rise of the immigration enforcement complex,

Anti-militarism (counter-recruitment)

Our leaflets

  • We continued to leaflet at several high schools offering information to students about college and work opportunities that are non-military, as well as presenting to classes and at parent teacher nights.
  • We also distributed literature and information extensively in 2012 as numerous neighborhood events: three events in conjunction with the “Know Drones” campaign; MLK day (“War Abroad Means Misery at Home”);
  • We again participated in Brooklyn’s annual Mermaid Parade as “Mermaids for Peace”, distributing information cards and peae beads.

Arts & Culture

  • Supported the peace fair by providing musicians, poets, actors and children performers – and outside with even more musicians, as well as conducting several workshops.
  • Emily Mendelsohn, one of our committee members who is currently in Africa, reported on her massive art and social justice project working with Ugandan actors.
  • Brooklyn For Peace’s Arts & Culture group hosted its second event at WORD bookstore in Greenpoint.
    Titled “The WORD On Peace,” the event sought to bring together artists, writers and musicians with the Greenpoint community – both those interested in peace and justice, and those interested in books and culture.

Climate Action

  • We co-sponsored many actions relating to the dangers of fracking in New York State and joined a group fighting against a pipeline coming into Brooklyn.
  • Our Climate Action committee emails “Eco News” three times a month to our Board and other interested persons.
  • a workshop re climate change (and what to do about it) at a local conference;


Monthly vigils at the U.S. Mission to the U.N., in conjunction with NYC Coalition for Darfur: call for effective action by the U.S. to end the mass killings and genocide in Darfur; to urge U.S. to give support pledged to UNAMID, and to raise awareness of conditions in the refugee camps for internally displaced persons in Darfur.

  • We distributed information about the ongoing crimes of the Sudanese government against Darfurians.

Latin America

forum and films on Latin America and about the impact there of our foreign policy.

Co-sponsored a concert to raise funds for the School of the America’s Watch.

Peace and Economic Justice

  • Our Stop the War in Iran campaign had ten tabling events at a farmer’s market and at the Brooklyn Main Library, sending 500 postcards to our Congressional representatives.
  • We held two community meetings, one on the subject of stopping war on Iran and one in reaction to the November elections.
  • We sponsored, co-sponsored or endorsed rallies and marches against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and opposing the threat of war against Iran
  • We collaborated with a community center in East New York to present candidates for Congress.


  • We rallied for gun control.
  • We protested the treatment of Bradley Manning.
  • On more local actions we commemorated the unfair detention of Muslims after 9/11, co-sponsored
  • had contingents in the End Stop and Frisk rally and at another rally against police brutality,
  • we mourned the opening of an invasive new arena, marched for jobs, justice and housing, immigration reform and worker’s rights, and fought the closing of hospitals in Brooklyn.
  • We joined a protest against a newly proposed TV series called Stars Earn Stripes, which glorified war.


  • A Book release events, one about a rabbi who was involved in an early movement of anti-Zionism
  • outside performances that are part of the Brand Israel campaign;
  • Sponsored/co-sponsored several actions relating to the Israel-Palestine conflict and divestment of entities benefitting from the illegal settlements.
  • OurIP Committee continues to host a reading group addressing current topics in the Israel-Palestine conflict
  • We co-sponsored the fourth session of the Russell Tribunal which considered Israel’s recognized violations of international law.
  • We co-sponsored a fundraiser to support the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund Oncology Clinic in Beit Jala

Nuclear Zero

  • We commemorated the anniversary of the Fukushima disaster and protested against nuclear power (particularly about our too-close Indian Point).

Peace Fair

Our Peace Fair, usually held annually, took place this year at the end of April at Brooklyn College for the third consecutive year.

Keynoters were Jeremy Scahill speaking on “America’s Covert Wars” and Paul K. Chapell on “Why Peace Is Possible and How We Can Achieve It.”

  • There were thirteen workshops, on subjects such as “stop and frisk;” how economic crisis and the war budget are affecting our communities; Palestine and global justice; dialogue between Arab and Jewish New Yorkers; community culture in Cuba; trade justice; partnerships across the Americas; dirty energy versus sustainable and renewable energy; importance of hip-hop (art) in today’s movement; loss of civil liberties in the era of endless war; connecting the personal and the political by encouraging each individual to do One Brave Thing for peace.
  • The all artists and performers were provided by the Arts & Culture committee. There were six performances (theatre, poetry, dance), nine musical events, and seven exhibits (photography, posters, display of poetry, art).
  • A Peace Parade led by Haitian musicians Ram Ram brought the spirit of the Fair out to the local neighborhood. We estimate that five hundred people attended and forty volunteered.


We also continued continued our “Trick-or-Treat” for UNICEF campaign, distributing information and collection boxes to children and families at a farmer’s market and contacting neighborhood schools and merchants. Despite being interrupted by Hurricane Sandy, we directly collected and contributed $1058 and inspired other contributions of $844.

Community-Building and Outreach

  • Participated in six street festivals, the Brooklyn Food Conference, the Bed Stuy Educational Fair and at several farmer’s markets.
  • We used our “penny poll” to encourage participation, allowing people to decide how to spend tax dollars.
  • We sell buttons, t shirts and posters that have messages of peace. We sell olive oil to raise awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and support the developing Palestinian economy. Our weekly e-mail newsletter goes to 4000 persons.

Intern and Volunteer Opportunities

We provided opportunities for young people to engage in a concrete and practical way with our peace and justice work by offering opportunities for volunteers (particularly high school students with community service requirements, as well as energetic retirees) and interns (who receive a modest stipend).

Get Involved!

Our working committees meet regularly to plan and carry out our work. Visit the events page for the latest schedule.

E-mail Newsletter: Join our mailing list to say up-to-date on anti-war activities in Brooklyn.

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