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BFP Summary of Activities 2015


We sponsored and co-sponsored in 2015.

  • two forums on the subject of climate change and the danger of nuclear weapons,
  • two reading groups relating to the Israel-Palestine conflict
  • first outdoor peace fair - Brooklyn Peace and Justice Fair
  • Tabling at four street fairs
  • Pathmakers to Peace Award gala

Anti-militarism (counter-recruitment)

Our leaflets

  • We continued to leaflet at several high schools offering information to students about college and work opportunities that are non-military, as well as presenting to classes and at parent teacher nights.
  • We also distributed literature and information extensively in 2012 as numerous neighborhood events: three events in conjunction with the “Know Drones” campaign; MLK day (“War Abroad Means Misery at Home”);
  • We again participated in Brooklyn’s annual Mermaid Parade as “Mermaids for Peace”, distributing information cards and peae beads.

Arts & Culture

  • Supported the first outdoor Brooklyn Peace and Justice Fair by providing musicians, poets, actors
  • Conducted Web of Life Peace Campaign, solicited art work in all media on the theme of nuclear disarmament.

Climate Action

  • Endorsed and participated in the Peace and Planet Mobilization, which included a conference, a workshop, march and festival.
  • Participated and endoursed People's Climate Movement/NY march
  • a workshop re climate change (and what to do about it) at a local conference;


Monthly vigils at the U.S. Mission to the U.N., in conjunction with NYC Coalition for Darfur: call for effective action by the U.S. to end the mass killings and genocide in Darfur; to urge U.S. to give support pledged to UNAMID, and to raise awareness of conditions in the refugee camps for internally displaced persons in Darfur.

  • We distributed information about the ongoing crimes of the Sudanese government against Darfurians.


  • Pathmakers to Peace Awards Dinner- presented award to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! - She spoke on the importance of grassroots movements from East Timor to Black Lives Matter.

Latin America


Peace and Economic Justice

  • Our Stop the War in Iran campaign had ten tabling events at a farmer’s market and at the Brooklyn Main Library, sending 500 postcards to our Congressional representatives.
  • We held two community meetings, one on the subject of stopping war on Iran and one in reaction to the November elections.
  • We sponsored, co-sponsored or endorsed rallies and marches against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and opposing the threat of war against Iran
  • We collaborated with a community center in East New York to present candidates for Congress.


  • Annoucened and participated in vigils and marches against the lack of justice (often Muslims) in the domestic "War on Terror" cases
  • Announced and participated in vigls and marches - Black Lives Matter movement (law enforcement gone wrong
  • Endorsed and particpated in a local campaign to Save our Libraries


  • Initiated a petition campaign calling for diplomacy rather than military action in addressing the crisis in Syria
  • Circulated petition calling for investigation into the bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan, and urged that terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere not be countered with military response


  • Sponsored two reading groups relating to the Israel-Palestine conflict
  • OurIP Committee continues to host a reading group addressing current topics in the Israel-Palestine conflict

Nuclear Zero

  • Forum - Building a Nuclear-Free, Just & Sustainable World
  • Forum - Waking up from the Nuclear Nightmare, finding the Moral Will to Act
  • Partnered with Arts & Culture Committee - Web of Life Peace Campaign

Peace Fair

  • First outdoor Peace Fair - Brooklyn Peace and Justice Fair, no longer held annually, brought together many local organizations with information tables, petition-signing.
  • All artists and performers were provided by the Arts & Culture committee. There was music performances, poetry, street theater, spoken word.


We also continued continued our “Trick-or-Treat” for UNICEF campaign, distributing information and collection boxes to children and families at a farmer’s market and contacting neighborhood schools and merchants.

Our UNICEF invlovedment has continued and expanded, resulting in $13, 806 going to that organization through our work with seven school, hand-out evnets before and during the Halloween celebration and vendor participation.

Community-Building and Outreach

  • Joined with another peace group on twelve weekends to table at Farmer's Markets, asking people to send postcards to theri representatives urging diplomacy with Iran and then to accept the Iran deal after it was negotiated
  • Visted legislative offices to advocate for the supporting the agreement (Iran)
  • Initiated a petition campaign calling for diplocacy rather than military action in addresing the crisis in Syria
  • Participated in four street festivals, with literature encouraging deplomacy with Iran, the high cost of war at expense of human needs, asking Mayor DeBlasio to have NY join the Major's City of Peace movement, human rights for all in Israel and Palestine (end Israeli occupation of Palestine)
  • We used our “penny poll” to encourage participation, allowing people to decide how to spend tax dollars.
  • We sell buttons, t shirts and posters that have messages of peace. We sell olive oil to raise awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and support the developing Palestinian economy.
  • Our weekly e-mail newsletter goes to 3,500 persons, once or twice a week, with annoucements of events of interest to our members and suggestions for action to promote peace and justice, locally and nationally.
  • Our website includes general information about upcoming activities, as well as mission statments of our organization and our committees and taks forces.

Social Media

  • Our Facebook and Twitter postings reach 1700 individuals. Specific subjects: very serious dangers of the then-proposed Port Ambrse LNG port and the Keystone XL pipeline, the movement to divest from fossil fuels and invest in renewables, the fast track push to enable the TPP to move forward. Encource calls to our City Councilpersons not to go on Israel-sponsored trips and to support the resolution to colse Indian Point. Urged Congress to skip Netanyahu's speech and also to vote against the FY 2016 budget which lifted the sequestration limit on military expenditures.
  • Post our forums on our YouTube channel
  • Produce monthly show on Brooklyn Public Access Television (BCAT) featuring highlights of our Forums, subjects were four, three-part series,
  1. a talk by Noam Chomsky (2014),
  2. Peace and the Planet forum , in which we participated
  3. How Should the US React to Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (2014)
  4. Nuclear Nightmare

Intern and Volunteer Opportunities

We provided opportunities for young people to engage in a concrete and practical way with our peace and justice work by offering opportunities for volunteers (particularly high school students with community service requirements, as well as energetic retirees) and interns (who receive a modest stipend).

  • Our summer internship was provided for a high-school student, who reviewed various perspectives on the Iran nuclear deal and worked on updating our Nuclear Zero fact sheet sheets.

Get Involved!

Our working committees meet regularly to plan and carry out our work. Visit the events page for the latest schedule.

E-mail Newsletter: Join our mailing list to say up-to-date on anti-war activities in Brooklyn.

Join Us! Become a member of Brooklyn For Peace, and advance our work for peace.

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