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Stop Military Recruiting in Our Schools

Learn more about your right to say no to releasing information about your child to the military.

Use our downloadable resources to exercise your right to opt out of having your child's name turned over to the military, and spread the word in your child's school.

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Opting Out of Military Recruiting

Under the No Child Left Behind Act, the Federal government has compelled our schools to give the military access to students' names, addresses and phone numbers. To stop your (or your child's) personal information from being handed over to the military, you must make the effort to sign a statement to "opt out" of being targeted by recruiters. More detailed information is available at our FAQ on Military Recruiting.

Any high school student may opt out of being contacted the military by completing this form and returning it to the school administration.

Parents may opt out of having their child recruited by filling out this form and handing it in to the school administration. We have parent opt-out forms in English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

Although the military has generally limited its recruiting to juniors and seniors, students may opt out of being recruited as a freshman and sophomore, as well as when they are a junior or senior.

The Department of Education tries to collect the opt-out forms at the beginning of the school year. In 2005, they announced a deadline of October 15 to get the forms in. However, the DOE has advised that they will accept forms at any time during the year.

Our committee leaflets students with opt-out forms and other information. We go to a different high school each month, both before school starts and after school. This activity helps to stimulate student discussion around the military, and makes more visible the options to avoid military service.