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Brooklyn For Peace Committees

Most of Brooklyn For Peace's ongoing work is done through our four active committees and one collective that focus on specific issues surrounding peace, social justice and international law.

You can help us with our work by joining one of our committees.

How to get involved? Read all about our five different committees and their outstanding work for peace. Get the committees meetings schedule.

Arts & Culture Collective



Peace and Economic Justice


BFP Task Forces

Over the years these task forces were regular active committees. Since then we have continued to work on these issues but, need more people who are committed to helping us create more educational events in these areas. We have provided you with archives of all the past activities of these once thriving committees of Brooklyn For Peace. Get involved and help us ignite and build these important peace and social justice issues.

Anti-militarism (counter-recruitment)

Climate Action


Diversity & Outreach

International Law

Latin America

Nuclear Zero

Peace Fair

Neighborhood Peace Groups

Believing that it's crucial to have active peace groups in many Brooklyn neighborhoods, we have encouraged the development of Fort Greene Peace, Bay Ridge Peace Action, and Bay Ridge Neighbors for Peace, as well as supporting the activities of Prospect Lefferts Voices for Peace and Justice.

Peace Action Bay Ridge
Email peaceactionbayridge@yahoo.com, call 718–680–2981 or visit www.panys.org/BR

Flatbush For Peace (Flatbush, Ditams Park, and Kensington)
Email flatbushforpeace@gmail.com for information

Fort Greene Peace
Email fortgreenepeace@gmail.com for information

Prospect Lefferts Voices for Peace and Justice
Email prospectforpeace@verizon.net for information