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The BFP Darfur/Africa Task Froce along with International Courage Medal Winner

Darfur / Africa Task Force

BAM – 2019 DanceAfrica Festival
Celebrates Rwanda Reborn

post: May 20, 2019

DanceAfrica, the nation’s largest African dance festival returns for its 42nd year to BAM from Friday, May 24 through Monday, May 27, with “Rwanda Reborn: The Remix,” under the leadership of Artistic Director Abdel R. Salaam.

Memorial Room

This year BAM celebrates the rich, deep, expansive art and cultural traditions of Rwanda that aided its people to find reclaim, harmonize and reaffirm their identity. This spring marks the 25th anniversary of the government-sponsored genocide against the Tutsi in which up to a million Rwandan people were killed. DanceAfrica pays tribute throughout the weekend with a full house of activities such as community events, performances, annual FilmAfrica series, an art exhibition and the 40,000+ attended DanceAfrica Bazaar. Read about the festival. HERE.

#ProudAfricans Coalition Protest at U.N. (Feb 15, 2018)

#ProudAfricans Coalition Protest at UNITED NATIONS
#ProudAfricans a coalition of African, Caribbean, and African-American activists, human rights, and professional organizations hosted a protest rally outside the UN at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza park on Thursday Feb. 15 to denounce the recent anti-Africa racist comments by President Donald Trump and to highlight Africa’s past and continuing contributions in the creation of wealth and prosperity in the industrialized West. Dr. Mohammed Nurhussein, Chair of the United African Congress, and Board member of Brooklyn For Peace, was a lead speaker at the rally. Click here for his remarks.
Prof. Milton Allimadi also spoke. Click here to read his speech.
Organized by: United African Congress (UAC), Institute of the Black World 21st Century, Give Them A Hand Foundation, African Diaspora Coalition for Justice,, The Black Star News, African Women Solidarity Action for Development, African Hope Committee, African Commission of Newark, New Jersey,  African Human Rights Commission.
Endorsed by: Brooklyn For Peace
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See Press Release in Black Star News
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Petition to oppose violent land-grab in Uganda:
Please read, sign and share (Aug 2017)

Read below to learn about the egregious and violent land-grab which is happening right now in Uganda.
Then please sign this petition and share with your communities and friends.
Help to expose the alliance of the Madhvani Group with Uganda’s dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni, against poor rural farmers.  Gen. Museveni’s military is U.S.-trained and his regime is supported to the tune of $750 million annually by Washington, which could rein in his militarism if it chose to do so. Gen. Museveni has been dictator of Uganda for 31 years, since 1986.

The multi-billion dollar Madhvani Group does business internationally and would be concerned about how a petition exposing their criminal activities in Uganda impacts their foreign businesses.

Please sign this Petition
Also contact the Madhvani Group, based in Uganda by calling 256 414 444 000.

Stop Land Grabs Throughout Africa and Uganda!
Resist Land Grabs being carried out through the barrel of AK 47s and tear gas by Gen Museveni’s regime, which is backed by the U.S. 
Profits must not trump human beings — poor rural farmers.

See reports on Black Star News (Aug 11, 2017) and Aug 19, 2017



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What is happening in South Sudan?
Panel presentation, Q & A (June 6, 2017)
Background Resources

Violence is escalating in South Sudan. Famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan. As of 2016 estimates of victims of the war in South Sudan had already exceeded 100,000. Thousands more have been killed since that time. The UNHCR most recently reported 1,559,815 refugees since December 2013. (See update Aug 17, 2017, New York Times)

However, compared to the war in Syria, the conflict in South Sudan has not garnered the attention of the political establishment in the world’s major powers, the U.S., the U.K., France, Russia and China.

What underlies the conflict? What is the role of the U.S. and the U.N? The United States is the primary financial supporter of the government in South Sudan. What can we do to end the killings and to resuscitate the peace deal that created the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU)?
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NOV. 25, 2014: Rally to Stop Rape of Women and Girls in Darfur, Sudan

posted Nov. 20,2014

Join us at Darfur People’s Association of New York (DPANY) ‘s Sudan-Stop Rape NOW Rally

When: Tuesday, November 25 from 1-4 PM
Where: Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza on East 47th Street, between 1st/2nd Aves in NYC
Nov. 25 is the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women”

See Attached Flyer below (click image for flyer)

StopRapeNowRALLY_NYC_25.11STOP THE GOVERNMENT OF SUDAN from raping women and girls!

On 31 October 2014, Sudanese government troops committed mass rapes in Tabit, North Darfur. UNAMID failed to conduct a fact-finding investigation into the rapes of 200 women and girls: the youngest victim is 8 years old. When will the UNSC enforce the ICC arrest warrants and protect unarmed civilians in Sudan?

If you attended our Forum in May with Ahmed H. Adam on “The Ongoing Genocide in Darfur and the Crisis in South Sudan” you have some background on the current situation, which continues although it has fallen off the “radar screen” particularly in the U.S. media See this link for recent article in the Independent.

Rally Sponsored by the Darfur People’s Association of New York
Co-Sponsored by the Darfuri’s Organization Alliance in USA, Nuba Mountains International Assn., Sudan Opposition Forces Alliance in USA, Sudan Revolutionary Front, Umma Party, Nuba International, Sudan Democratic Party, People4Sudan, Act for Sudan, New York Coalition for Darfur and All Sudan,Brooklyn Coalition for Darfur & Marginalized Sudan, and Humanity Is Us.

For more information or press, please contact:
Mohamed Anoo (Tel.: +12608042178/Email:
Mohamed Ebead (Tel.: +17184151970/Email:
Magid Kabashi (Tel.: +13475795111/Email:

Articles of Interest on Darfur and the Sudan

Refusing to See Darfur’s Agony: Myopic and lazy reporting, political expediency have left millions to suffer and die invisibly by Eric Reeves. Sudan Tribune. May 17, 2014. FULL STORY

Unnoticed Genocide by Eric Reeves.
The Washington Post. February 25, 2004. Page A25 FULL STORY

Compromising with Evil: An Archival History of Greater Sudan, 2007-2012.
(You can download as a free ebook.) Originally released October 22, 2012; last revised January 1, 2013  FULL STORY

Cataloging of the bulk of Radio Dabanga dispatches can be read at Sundan’s Research and Analysis


Rape of women and girls, sexual violence

Abu Tira Rape Seven, Destroy Water Tank in North Darfur’s Zamzam Camp | Radio Dabanga
ZAMZAM CAMP (15 May 2014) – Militiamen and troops of the paramilitary Central Reserve Forces (known as Abu Tira) gang raped seven women of the Zamzam camp for the displaced in El Fasher locality, North… FULL STORY

Rapes in Shangil Tobaya and Tawila, North Darfur
SHANGIL TOBAYA / TAWILA (11 May 2014) – Militiamen raped three women of the Shadad camp for the displaced in Shangil Tobaya, 60km south of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur, this morning (Sunday). On Friday… FULL STORY

Woman, Children Tied to Tree at North Darfur Market
BIRKAT SEIRA (11 May 2014) – Militiamen captured a woman and two of her children in Birket Seira town in North Darfur’s Saraf Umra locality on Saturday evening. A witness at the central market of Birkat Seira… FULL STORY

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Speaker Ahmed H. Adam: Ongoing Genocide in Darfur and the Crisis in South

Come to learn what’s happening in Darfur, Sudan, and South Sudan.

Why has the current crisis and ongoing genocide in Darfur fallen off the radar screen?
What’s behind the current situation in Sudan and South Sudan?
What’s the hope for a peaceful relationship between these two states?

WHEN: Monday, May 19, 7:oo pm

WHERE: The Commons, 388 Atlantic Ave begtween Hoyt and Bond, downtown Brooklyn
Train: 2/3/4/5 to Hoyt; A/C/G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn; F to Bergen; B/D/N/Q/R to Atlantic/Pacific; LIRR to Flatbush

See it on Facebook. Invite your friends!

Ahmed H. Adam is a Visiting Scholar engaged in the Project on the Two Sudans, at The Program on Peace-Building and Rights, Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights. Born in 1968 in Darfur, Mr. Adam studied law in Khartoum in 1996 and subsequently received an LLM in International law in 1999, from the Westminster University, in London. Mr. Adam represents the people of Darfur in peace negotiations with the government of Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir. Mr. Adam will share his experiences and insights about the current dynamic of the crisis in Sudan, its scope and implications.

Sponsor: Brooklyn For Peace (Darfur/Africa Task Force)


Statement on Darfur

The government of Sudan is responsible for genocide and crimes against humanity in Darfur, a region the size of Texas, on Sudan’s western border with Chad. The Sudanese government and the Janjaweed militias it arms and supports have committed numerous attacks on the civilian populations of the African Fur, Masalit, and Zaghawa ethnic groups, killing civilians, raping women, and burning villages. Estimates of those killed range from 200,000 to twice that number. More than two million people have been driven from their homes and are threatened by famine in what the UN has called the “world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”

The UN, the African Union, the US and the EU have all spoken out on this issue, however, the Sudanese government has failed to comply with the U.N. Security Council resolutions demanding Sudan to end massive violations of human rights and disarmament of the Janjaweed. Permanent members of the UN Security Council are not helping – China and Russia are buying oil and selling weapons to the Sudanese government; France is ignoring the issue while protecting its interests in the region; the U.S. and U.K. are making empty threats which only embolden Sudan’s actions.

  • We condemn the gross violations of human rights and crimes against humanity by the Sudanese government and its Janjaweed militias in Darfur.
  • We call on the Sudanese government to disarm and disband the government-sponsored and supplied militia forces active in Darfur and withdraw those militias from the parts of Darfur they have occupied.
  • We call on the United Nations to reinforce international observers and peacekeeping troops in Darfur. Security Council must urgently ask the African Union, under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, to increase the number of troops on the ground in Darfur and to expand its mandate to include protection of civilians.
  • We call on the UN to establish an international human rights monitoring mission in Darfur and to collect evidence of the atrocities committed there.
  • We call on the Security Council to impose sanctions on the top military and civilian leaders in the Sudanese government, including travel bans and asset freezes, and an arms embargo on Sudan as a whole, with enforcement mechanisms for all sanctions.
  • We call on the Sudanese government to abide by its promise to give full access for humanitarian aid.
  • We call on the US to denounce the abuses in Darfur, to support a UN resolution and sanctions against Sudan. We urge the US to demand accountability for human rights abuses and crimes against humanity in Sudan.
  • We call on the US government to take steps to assure that military aid is suspended to all parties to the conflict, and to take all necessary action to prevent U.S. military aid to neighboring governments such as Chad from being used in the conflict in Sudan.

As the Tran Africa Forum stated, “Silence is unacceptable in the case of Darfur. The matter is not about picking sides in the face of civil war. It is demanding that the human rights of the people of Darfur are respected; that humanitarian assistance get to the people; and that serious efforts are undertaken to stop the fighting and bring about peaceful resolution of the conflict.”

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The Darfur/Africa task force works to increase public awareness of the genocide in Darfur through educational outreach, and to generate political pressure to stop the genocide;...Read more

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Drumming for Darfur Highlights from event on April 29, 2007 email

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Write to your congressional representative, to the UN Secretary General and Security Council and to the Sudanese government. Contact information is available at the Human Rights Watch website.