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Diversity and Outreach Committee

Ongoing Activities

Brooklyn For Peace has diversified its membership, leadership and committees by connecting with leaders and organizations from underrepresented communities in Brooklyn.We support events led by like-minded organizations from these communities.BFP’s Diversity Outreach Committee (DOC) holdsĀ conference calls as needed to discuss relevant issues and plan strategies/actions.Interested BFP members and others should contact this page for a response.

The Diversity Outreach committee has worked to address the problem of prejudice against immigrants, joined with others to pass the living wage law and stronger gun control laws, and more.Join us to make this work stronger and more effective.

Email: or call 1-718-624-5921

Who We Are

Mission Statement

Brooklyn community, making the link between local experiences of social injustice and the violence of the military budget and war. We understand that Brooklyn For Peace will be more effective when working together with diverse groups....Read more

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We invite you to join the Diversity and Outreach committee and get involved.

The Diversity Outreach committee meets monthly by conference call on weekday evenings. Anyone interested in our work is welcome to participate via conference call.

Email us or call
718-624-5921 if you are interested in participating on the free conference call.