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Israel-Palestine Committee

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Women in Black Vigil in Union Square
Stand in solidarity with Rachel Corrie

Verdict has been rendered in case of Rachel Corrie: Judge Oded Gershon’s verdict absolved Israel’s military and state of the 2003 murder of American ISM activist Rachel Corrie. Rachel was crushed to death by an Israeli army bulldozer while protesting the demolition of a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip.

Despite the American administration stating that the Israeli military investigation had not been “thorough, credible and transparent” and the Israeli government withholding key video and audio evidence, Judge Gershon found no fault in the investigation or in the conclusion that the military and state were not responsible for Rachel’s death. Judge Gershon ruled that Rachel was to blame for her own murder and classifies her non-violent attempt to prevent war crimes as proof that Rachel was not a “thinking person.” Link to the full statement.

On Thursdays since the verdict was given, we have joined to stand in solidarity with Women in Black. Please join the Women in Black Union Square Vigil on Thursday, September 6 at 14th Street and Broadway from 5:30-6:30 pm. All are welcome!

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Ongoing Activities

Israel-Palestine Information and Actions

Brooklyn For Peace regularly issues Action Alerts via email. The Israel-Palestine Committee has also sponsored and co-sponsored forums relating to Israel-Palestine and supported related demonstrations.

Outreach to Decision Makers

We arrange face-to-face meetings with Brooklyn Congressmembers urging them to them to support bills which advance peace in Israel-Palestine. We also encourage members to communicate by letter, telephone, and e-mail with elected officials.

Israel-Palestine Reading Group

The Israel-Palestine Reading Group meets monthly on a weekday afternoon, see the reading list. A separate reading group meeting in the evenings will be starting in early 2009. Discussions are also held at I-P committee meetings based on recent news. Click here for information on the next meeting or email us at


Don’t Buy Ahava Products

Ahava, an Israeli cosmetics company, is violating basic principles of international law by profiting from the occupation of Palestine.

Read about the international boycott.

“Be On Our Side” Mass Transit Campaign comes to NYC

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the widely expected vote at the U.N. on recognizing Palestinian sovereignty, September will be marked by important campaigns and events in New York City. One is an important Mass Transit campaign placing ads through the NYC Subways that raise public awareness and call for ending U.S. military aid to Israel. The campaign has already appeared in press (see the Daily News story, and others, below).

“Be on our side. We are on the side of peace and justice.” These words come from Palestinians and Israelis. Continue reading

Goldstone Report – Working Papers

Brooklyn For Peace developed a Working Paper on the Goldstone Report, analyzing how principles of international law relate to the
Israeli invasion of Gaza (Dec 2008-Jan 2009, Operation Cast Lead).

Goldstone-Report-Working Papers.


Who We Are

Mission Statement

The Israel-Palestine Committee of Brooklyn For Peace strives to provide accurate and unbiased information about the conflict in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territories...Read more

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We invite you to join the Israel-Palestine committee and get involved.

Email us or call 718-624-5921 if you are interested in attending.

Israel-Palestine Reading Group

See our reading list.

Email us or call
718-624-5921 if you are interested in attending.

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