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Afghanistan: It's Time for a Non-military Solution

In 2001, George Bush sent U.S. troops to Afghanistan, saying it was to go after the leaders of Al Qaeda. Many supported the invasion at the time, thinking it would bring Bin Laden to justice and keep America safer.

Seven years later:

  • Civilian deaths are rising — over 2,000 in 2008.
  • We still don’t know where Bin Laden is.
  • Taliban control is growing again.
  • President Obama is increasing U.S. troops to over 50,000.
  • U.S. commanders predict many more years of bloodshed.

Why Our Troops Must Come Home

There is no military solution in Afghanistan. Even the Generals admit we are not winning the war, and that it’s more "complex" than Iraq. The Russians couldn’t control Afghanistan with 120,000 troops. Once again, Afghans are fighting foreign occupation.

The enormous cost of the war. We are spending $100 million a day. That undermines our ability to solve the financial crisis and meet urgent needs at home. With Americans losing jobs and homes, it’s immoral to spend $:12 billion a month on these wars!

Redevelopment, the key to defeating the Taliban, is stalled. Afghanistan is the 5 poorest nation in the world and needs assistance to rebuild. But because U.S. money is being used mostly for military purposes, very little aid has been available for reconstruction. Rampant corruption in the U.S.-supported government means very little aid ever reaches the people who need it.

Continuing the occupation will deepen the catastrophe. U.S. bombing kills helpless civilians, turning people against the U.S. and sending them into the arms of the Taliban. Most Afghans were glad to see the Taliban government go, but increasing numbers support whoever effectively fights against the U.S. occupation.

Destabilizing Pakistan. Continued U.S. cross-border attacks and bombing in Pakistan threaten to destabilize this nuclear-armed country and pull it into an even wider conflict. Negotiation, not force, is the key to security.Preventing terrorist attacks in the U.S. requires good will — being seen as a country that uses negotiation rather than military force to resolve issues. Obama’s election has increased our standing in the world; we shouldn’t waste this opportunity by escalating this conflict.

President Obama was elected on a promise of peace. Let’s remind him to fulfill his pledge to make our country a respected world leader again. That’s a much better strategy than launching another disastrous war, sending more young Americans to die in a war that cannot be won and squandering our tax dollars that are urgently needed to rebuild our country.

Get additional resources for informing yourself from United for Peace and Justice.

Congress votes money for Iraq and Afghanistan wars 4 of 6 Brooklyn reps vote AGAINST!!

The 2010 Defense Authorization Bill (passed December 2009) includes $130 billion for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Brooklyn representatives Clarke, Nadler, Towns, or Velasquez voted AGAINST this bill. OUR PHONE CALLS AND MESSAGES WERE CRUCIAL IN THIS VOTE!

If Clarke, Nadler, Towns, or Velasquez represents you, call to thank them for standing up to tremendous pressure to vote for this bill.

If McMahon or Weiner represents you, let them know how outraged you are by their vote in favor of this money for war.

Also, both NY Senators Gillibrand and Schumer voted for this bill. We will be scheduling a meeting with them.