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Fort Greene For Peace

Who We Are

We are members of the Fort Greene & Clinton Hill community who were outraged by the invasion and ongoing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the threats of military force by the US in other parts of the world. We oppose the aggression, racism and injustice that our government has committed and sanctioned at home and abroad while diverting resources away from human needs.

Inspired by hope for a better world, we join together to work for peace and for social and economic justice. We know that in unity there can be great strength.

We engage in action through demonstrations, letter writing and social action and encourage our neighbors to join with us in these activities. We educate ourselves and others through film screenings, forums, and speak-outs. We aspire to build a community of mutual support and activism.

Fort Greene Peace has been going strong since the fall of 2006. Since that time, as US intervention around the world has increase and problems of social justice continue even in our own community, we in Fort Greene Peace are proud of our work and hope to be able to continue and to grow. But to do this we now need your financial support.

We have had no source of funds other than individual member voluntary contributions, occasional donations made at our Farmers' Market table and printing from other groups. Now, as our work is expanding, with the development of a regular series of community film screenings and forums, our increasing need to print literature, purchase items like a projector and table, the cost of permits and various other materials, we are reaching out to our many supporters for financial support.

We aren't asking for a lot of money. If each of our supporters gave just a little we would be able to move forward and do so much more.

Please consider making a contribution $10 or $25. Please make your contribution to Fort Greene Peace through Brooklyn For Peace. All contributions made to Brooklyn For Peace are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thank you.

To find out more about Fort Green For Peace, visit their website.